Garden – Wholesale

Sterling silver, copper and vitreous enamel this collection is inspired by the plants in my own garden. Leaves are textured with real leaves and oxidised to highlight the texture. Copper provides a contrast on some pieces and vibrant colour is added by using lead free, vitreous enamel on copper as a background.

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Large 3 leaf pendant with copper

G101 – RRP £85

Single leaf round pendant

G102 – RRP £60

Small leaf and flower Pendant

G103 – RRP £45

 Flower Studs

G201 – RRP £30

Drop Leaf Earrings

G202 – RRP £30

Round Leaf Pendant

G104 – RRP £60


G203 – RRP £30

 Enamel pendant Round

G301 – RRP £45

 Enamel pendant Oval

G302 – RRP £65

Enamel pendant Square

G303 – RRP £65

Enamel pieces are available in a range of colours: Pale Green, Dark Green, Teal, Pale Blue, Dark Blue