Earrings – Wholesale

Enamel earrings

Colourful, fun and completely handmade, these earrings are simple circles and triangles in copper with vitreous enamel and sterling silver ear wires

Circles – E201 – RRP £15         Triangles – E202 – RRP £20

Available in: Pale Green, Dark Green, Teal, Pale Blue, Dark Blue

I also have a selection of earrings available as part of my coast and garden collections.

Coast Oval earrings

C2C1 – RRP £25

Sea Oval earrings

C2S1 – RRP £25

Flower Studs                             s

G201 – RRP £30

Drop Leaf Earrings

G202 – RRP £30

Round Leaf Earrings

G203 – RRP £30